Thursday, July 15, 2010

More twiddling our thumbs....

It's the Leafs turn. Now I'm getting sportsnet updates on my phone featuring such ground-breaking signings as Joey Crabb and Mike Zigomanis.
I'm sure they are nice guys and just really want to make an NHL team and stick, but the longer I wait for Ilya (Mats Sundin) Kovalchuk to make up his freakin' mind, the more I despise these updates.

I realize this doesn't make for much conversation on the blog so how about a few Eklund rumours?

Savard and Wheeler BOTH to Ottawa for players yet to be named?

Wow. What could be going back?
Leafs talking to the Flyers about two players, one being Gagne and the other unknown?
One season of Simone Gagne? Come on, does this make an inkling of sense?

At least the Savard to Ottawa rumour has legs since we know he named the Sens as one of his preferred destinations.

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