Monday, July 12, 2010

Finger anybody?

In my last post I touched on the possibility that Jeff Finger might not be the defenceman traded alongside Thomas Kaberle because of his contract.

By the way it's $3.5M per season through the next 2 seasons.

A few people have mentioned that teams who are at or near the cap floor might be potential suitors for Finger so I went to to see who these potential teams may be. The cap floor is currently set at $43.4 Million.

Here are three teams that could possibly trade with Toronto for Jeff Finger based on their cap situation and defence core.

COLORADO: Sitting at $36.615 with 18 players already signed. The only key RFA yet to sign is Mueller, but they might add some UFAs to replace Tucker and/or Svatos. They don't have a very deep blue line.

LONG ISLAND: $35.993M cap hit with 16 players signed. Since they are in on Kovalchuk this could change drastically. Otherwise they have Moulson still to re-sign and a weak blue line.

ST LOUIS: $38.023M cap hit. They have a few RFA players to re-sign and 16 players signed overall. The defence core in St Louis is painfully inexperienced.

I think the best fit for Finger is Colorado. They know this player well, they have shitloads of cap space and Matt Duchene isn't up for his next contract until the summer after Finger's contract expires.

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