Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Lets get on with it already!

Is it just me, or is this the weirdest UFA season ever? Kovalchuk still not signed while 100 free agents wait for this supposed "domino effect" to start. Meanwhile over in the NBA, LaBron James will use ESPN for an entire hour just to announce the team he is signing on with. What the hell will the other 59 minutes comprise of, exactly? It would appear that this is the summer the unrestricted free agents took us all hostage.

Pat Quinn used to say about his players: "They are the show". I suppose this is true, although I happen to believe that while you can't have a game without the players you also can't pay those players without the fans. Right now, as a dedicated fan, I'm getting kind of sick of being strung along by kazillionaire athletes trying to decide where they will play for maximum allowable contracts and in the case of the NBA, which of their buddies they can bring along.

Lets face it. It's more than a little stomach turning isn't it? And while the NBA can't officially close the books on their UFA's until tomorrow, the NHL has had the ability for a whole week. And yet, we all wait.

As a fan of the game and a guy who is getting (maybe possibly ok yes very) obsessed (anybody else refreshing TSN every 11 minutes every day since the draft?), I really need this stuff to end. I need to focus back on my job. I need to attend to the Carpal Tunnel in my mouse hand. I need to get exercise. I need to finish renovating my bathroom. I need to mow the lawn. I need to re-establish a relationship with my wife. I need this thing to end, for my sanity!

So I'm using my get out of jail free card today. I'm begging you:
Sign a god-damned contract Ilya Kovalchuk so the rest of the NHL and more importantly us fans can get on with our lives.

Really, is it so much to ask?

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