Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nine, nine, it sounds so fine!

What a game.

What a frikkin' game.

Kuba's tape-to-tape pass from the blue line to Kovalev on the right post for a tap in was just sweet, sweet sign of a helluva game.

On the longest winning streak by a modern day Senators team, let's have a look at three* of the major numbers that lead to such success:

  • Kovalev has now managed a point in 8 of the last 9 games;
  • Spezza with 6 goals in 6 games since returning from a knee injury;
  • Elliott with a 1.14 GAA and 0.961 SV% in the last 8 games.

*Ok, only three for now as the g/f is calling to be picked up from the salon.  Thank the unicorns that she didn't call during OT!

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