Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Importance of Mike

You know that the Leafs are thin on talent when Tyler Bozak is called up and immediately gets put on the first line. Or that rookie Gunnarson's "return" from injury is being followed more closely that hippies following Phish.
I suppose when the team is this bad, media and fans alike will grasp at any sign of hope, warranted or not.

Lost in the fictitious world of hope and make belief, there is one player who is definitely being missed from the roster. Mike Komisarek. I just had a quick peak through the Leafs results since November with and without him in the line-up and it's pretty obvious that in a real way Komisarek is missed badly when he is gone.

Consider that after Komisarek got hurt November 10th the Leafs spiraled immediately, going 0-5-1 in their next 6 games. Once he returned November 30th? They went 6-3 in their next 9 games.
Since Komisarek got hurt January 2nd to kick off the new decade, Toronto has went 1-4.

The bad news is that he's still a week to 10 away from rejoining the team, so I wouldn't bet against Don that Toronto will be in 30th by the Olympic break if this Komisarek factor continues.

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