Sunday, January 31, 2010

Big day for Burkie

Well, all that bashing Burkie has taken in the worst trade of the last year of the first decade of the 21st century seems to have lit a fire under his pompous ass.

We Senators fans bash him quite a bit (with good cause), but he is a risk taker.  Hell, I'd almost say he's a maverick.  But we all know about maverick's don't we?

A major overhaul of the Leaf squad, beginning with the trading away of the only good D-man they had - Ian White - for the most regularly under performing D-man Calgary had - Dion "Warwick" LePuff, and then dumping substantial salary to Anaheim by ditching  "40-goal man" Blake and the only guy Muppet thought untouchable, Vesa Toskala for the career-declining J.S. Giguere (whom we all knew was headed here once Burke signed on.... tampering!!!).

The parade route is being planned over at Pension Plan Puppets and my money is on Down Goes Brown giving up his month-long hiatus from watching Leafs TV.

This is definitely good for the BoO as Leaf fans will now have more delusional visions of Lord Stanley himself presenting their team captain - Minnesota Phil - the silver chalice.   The change of scenery may make the Leafs a little more competitive, but we can still all look forward to Boston's pick this June.

Dion is the new Jason Blake.

(Don:  where'd the blog header go?  Did I hit a button the wrong way?)

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