Monday, September 28, 2009

Preseason bonding rituals indicative of coming season?

While the Habs show they'll be putting their season in the pink Unicorn's hands and catering to the age group demographic that best suits the maturity of their fans with a stay at Teen Ranch, a Christian retreat north of Toronto, the Leafs will be starting their golf season really early in Huntsville.*

Meanwhile, the Sens have shown other teams they ought to be worried as Ottawa spent time sporting assault rifles at the RCMP firearms training faciliites. All but Alfie, of course. He just darted a glance at the targets and holes appeared; bullseye every time.

*c'mon - what else is there to do in Huntsville but golf? Perhaps they're going to watch all the pretty leaves fall off the trees as a team bonding experience? That would be oh, so poetic.

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