Monday, September 14, 2009

But they're sleepers, right?

I guess we need to temper our enthusiasm when a couple of our new players make lists like this.

4. Pascal Leclaire, Ottawa Senators
His list of injuries is almost as impressive as Gaborik's. Even if he's healthy, he's only had one solid year - and that was in a Ken Hitchcock system. I'll be honest with you: if it was the 16th round and I needed a third goalie and the only decent goaltenders left were Leclaire and Brian Elliott(notes), I would take Elliott.

1. Jonathan Cheechoo, San Jose Sharks
It's time to stop wondering what the hell happened to the former 56-goal flash-in-the-pan and start accepting reality. At this point, it's clear that he couldn't hit the broad side of Kyle Wellwood's(notes) gut. Who cares why? Move on.

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