Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Return of Luongo

Nope, not Roberto but every sens' fans favourite Sabres' blogger! Frequenters of the BoO will recognize him from last year's ECF when he set himself up for a big fall. It was all in good fun and hopefully the rivalry continues although the loss last year cost the Sabres their membership in the 100% Playoff Series Wins club.

Tom is part of the AOL FanHouse team putting together the season previews and today was Ottawa's turn. Unfortunately, the vitriol that made his pre-ECF post so wonderful is lacking probably because he has to be 'objective' and 'accurate' but he does take a jab at everyone's favourite gangsta:
Ray Emery is a known quantity in net, his strengths and weaknesses are as well-documented as his inability to navigate his Hummer through downtown Ottawa.
But no mention of the Gerbatross! All in all a pretty accurate look at the sens. Or maybe you disagree?

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