Thursday, September 27, 2007

Get 'er done

TSN says Melnyk met with J.P. Barry and Stacey McAlpline for 5 hours today and they came out with "we will take some time over the next week to consider each other's position".

I would hope that Dany was there too. If Eugene comes to talk, instead of Murray, shouldn't the player be there?

Dreger in the article says that Melnyk was talking 7 while they were talking 8.5. Can I make some coin out of this by purposing 7.75?

Thornton's 3 yr extension at 7.2 is a good comparison. So, if you want to go a 5 year deal you've got to up the per year value, right? Heatley is 2 yrs younger than Thornton for those that care.

What would this do the Sens payroll situation?

DJ's comment from a few days ago is required reading.

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