Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Take that Blackhawks.


  1. He kept saying he "respects hockey" but its pretty clear he doesn't.

    However, his point is still valid. Loser points for making it to overtime are an aberration. As discussed in this forum many times, some games shouldn't be worth more points than others. I say either move to a model of 3 points per game (win=3, OT/SO win=2, OT/SO loss=1, loss=0) or drop the OT loser point.

    I haven't seen a credible argument to suggest that the loser point increases the excitement of the playoff race, which I believe was the original intent. In fact, if anything, it appears to make it more difficult for teams that fall behind early in the season to make up ground in the latter half.

  2. Enjoy the half-assed season, Muppet. With Detroit in the same division next season it will take another lockout for the Leafs to become a playoff team.

  3. After this last BoO match, it is clear Chris Neil only fights skilled players who don't fight.