Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Battle of Ontario Part III

The game starts in less than an hour. 
Here are a few stories.

Maple Leafs winger Matt Frattin won’t play tonight.

Muppet: Believe it or not Bob Mitchell followed this headline up with 429 words that really didn't need to be written. Matt Frattin won't be playing. Got it. Thank You. 


Bruce Takes in the ACC.

Muppet: More of the never-ending sarcasm and cynicism that we're fed daily from just about everybody who has a keyboard. I remember when this was a tactic exclusive to us rat-faced bloggers.


Randy Carlyle Coaching Myths Part Two...

Pension Plan Puppets

Muppet: Be careful when you criticize the shit out of a coach early in the season and then his team starts winning many games, because you are forced to choose one of two paths. 1. You can admit that maybe you judged too quickly, and perhaps a highly decorated NHL head coach might actually have a clue, or, 2, you can keep coming up with increasingly flimsy ways of justifying your position. If the Leafs keep winning and make the playoffs and even win a round, this ought to get real good. 



  1. Well well well... Ottawa almost got back into that one. I was pretty worried for that last minute or so.

    Sorry about Dziurzynski, that was hard to watch, hope he's ok... The kid actually did some damage to McLaren before he went down. 8 stitches I believe, and a couple of good welts. Nutty.

  2. I think that incident further strengthens the case against staged fighting. And rookie players really should be coached to walk away/turtle/whatever with no reprisals from the organization to avoid this kind of mismatch. Tye McGinn got his orbital bone broken in a similar mismatch. Regardless of one's position on fighting in hockey, I think most would agree that these kinds of incidents are bad for the game.

  3. Trying to determine what is staged and what is not staged would be tough. I mean, what rules could you put in that players wouldn't figure out how to get around halfway through training camp? You say no fighting off the puck drop, they will wait 10 steamboats.

    The real debate is whether fighting should be in the NHL at all. To me, it's a part of the fabric of the game and to remove it completely would likely mean creating new more serious penalties for hitting, roughing, etc. in order to keep tempers and violence to a minimum. I'm not saying it's impossible or not worth doing, but it's a lot bigger than fighting.

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