Saturday, February 23, 2013


My heart tells me this one is gonna be a laugher. Ottawa are decimated by injuries, Toronto are playing well, and the game location is pretty much neutral territory (despite Melnyk's sad attempt to keep Leafs fans away).

My head tells me to play it cool and not outrightly predict victory for the Blue and White.

My balls say F*ck that... Leafs 4 Ottawa 2.


  1. A strange game for sure. Hard to believe the Sens can keep it up though icing a lineup like that.

    Quite happy with the result obviously - going to enjoy the lunch a Leaf friend is going to be picking up the tab for....

  2. As Steve Warne said on the Team this morning, after the game you just say to Leaf fans, "Thank you for your money, enjoy the drive home."

    The Sens improbable success is even more surprising given that a couple of the most likely Binghampton call-ups - Stone and Hoffman - are also injured. We're drawing from way down near the bottom of the depth chart now, and we still beat the Leafs.

  3. Melnyk should have kept his mouth shut. Not only did it give the Leafs fans in attendance extra mojo (and signage), but he also put himself before the city. Surely the city appreciates the added dollars that pour into the hotel, bar and restaurant industry during these BoO weekends?

    If I remember correctly didn't the city pay for some of the arena? Wouldn't they want some the return on investment?

  4. Nope. Province even charged a punitive tax on the road improvements.

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