Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Really helpful

Family friend of Heatley defends Dany in a letter to the Citizen.

My favourite part is where it says "According to Molloy, Heatley was with many of those teammates at a "bachelor party" last week for Senators centre Jason Spezza, Heatley's longtime linemate."

Then, later on; "Alfie is a god," Molloy said of Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson, "and nobody wants Spezza in a trade."

Nice - was it a bachelor party or a roast?

The letter says:
"The new coach (Cory Clouston) has decided that Dany is a second- or third-line player, uses him on the second power play and plays him 14 minutes a game. Dany had many closed-door conversations with him and was told that the situation would improve, but it didn't in the two months they were together."

Here's the data:

Goals per gamePoints per gameTOI

His gamelog can be seen here.

Spezza's icetime went from 20:14 to 18:54 per game after the coaching change.

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