Monday, June 15, 2009

Playoffs Done. Draft now the focus.

This is shaping up to be one of the more interesting drafts in a while as far as the BoO is concerned. We're still almost two weeks away, but already there's much drama building for both teams heading into June 26th.

OTTAWA: As if the 9th overall draft pick wasn't enough, Ottawa now have Heatley to dangle in any pre or post draft trades. Will Murray trade down with Heatley, get another first round pick, or wait it out until the UFA market opens to see what he can do there before dealing with his former 50-goal man? What about Spezza? Are the Senators heading for wholesale changes? It's doubtful something that big is brewing, but maybe Murray sees this summer as his last stand as far as getting the Sens back to something of their former selves.

TORONTO: Ever since Burke made his campaign for Tavares known, we haven't heard many rumours of him actually making headway. Stay tuned, this guy will work up until 6:59pm next Friday to make it happen. Toronto also can trade Kaberle and Kubina starting June 26th (until mid-August). One has to think that one of these guys are gone with Beauchemin heavily favoured to land in Toronto as well as Matius Ohlund. We're still waiting on some indication where Gustavsson will sign, which will have much bearing on whether Gerber stays in Toronto and how Burke will draft at the G position.

Please pass on any rumours, thoughts or outlandish trade scenarios you have. One can only take so many "coming of age" stories around the Pens in the sports pages. Plus BeRed has rejoined the conversation, which is more fun for Leaf fans.

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