Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hockey Day Game Day 1: Sens at Scabs

While the CBC feeds us their annual treacle celebrating all that's great with the game, I wanted to acknowledge what for me has been the highlight of this season's blogging campaign. "No Habs No!" has succeeded in coupling a noble goal with cheeky and pertinent correspondence. For me, what takes it beyond mere awesome and into truly heroic is the excitement of seeing it achieve its intended effect. Take away the western canadian stinkers and they've lost 7 games in the last month by 2 goals or less. Is it possible the dollar in local currency and a thank you note has altered incentives on the opponents bench? Regardless of the reasons, Sens fans, leaf fans, and Bruin fans are truly delighting in the "time outs", the off-ice gong show and the "trade the lazy russians" hue and cry that has come to characterize the glorious centennial. As Puck Daddy wrote recently: "Be honest, it would be hilarious if Montreal missed the playoffs". We here at the BoO enthusiastically agree.

Sens 5, Habs 1 (Heatley 2, Comrie, Shannon, Ruutu), I make my pre-order for a Bell Centre brick. Suggested wording: "I was there! Sens knock Habs out of playoff contention. April 6, 2009"

Pre game pump up music: As a salute to the Hab's atmosphere of tragicomic decadence, I offer you "Fallen Angel"...

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