Saturday, February 07, 2009

Game Day Thread - Northeast Edition

Leafs roll into Montreal after their worst loss of the year, while Ottawa having been in a few close games this week will host the Sabres. I think the Leafs lose this one and the Sens win. Ottawa seem due. Toronto seem to be getting worse.

Say what you will about Coaches and GM's calling out players and whether it works or not, but Wilson and Burke double teamed Toskala in the media pointing out the obvious. He sucks this year. Unfortunately no "benching" yet, as Toskala gets the start tonight.

The feud between Toronto's Mikhail Grabovski and Montreal's Sergei Kostitsyn is playing out, but going by comments from players it's a fabricated media blitz. We'll see. I doubt I'm alone in hoping to see these two welter-weights go at it. I'm betting Burke would like to see if Grabs will throw down. It beats the usual heavyweight hug fest, or the ridiculous "fight because you laid a clean check on my teammate" crap we usually get. At least there's a real hatred between the two Belarusans. Just like Neil and Tucker back in the day.

For some reason it's news that the Leafs lost Kronwall on re-entry waivers, but this guy was never gonna be a regular as far as I could tell. If the Leafs truly do think he has a future here, for whatever reason, they can get him back when the Caps inevitably send him down after being bored to death watching him play.

Lastly, As you all know by now Avery waived by Dallas. Perhaps Ottawa could pick him up on re-entry and along with Neil and Ruutu create the best agitator line ever formed. The thought of seeing them together would make teams skin crawl.

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