Thursday, June 26, 2008

UFA's of interest.

I doubt Toronto will be making a big splash in the UFA market, but out of sheer craving to talk hockey today I've compiled a list of players that Fletcher and co. may be looking at.

Daymond langkow: He's 31, durable, and plays a great two way game with very good playmaking ability. In my eyes, the perfect player to throw in with a bunch of kids.

David Vyborny: This guy's stock has dropped after a terrible season, but his skating and playmaking is outstanding. He could be had for around $2M a year, making him a good risk to take.

Mike Ribeiro: Coming off a career year, he'll probably want a big pay raise from $2.8M. Still, if Toronto lose Sundin they may consider this guy. A two year deal at $5M is all I would want to pay, but he'll likely get more.

Ladislav Nagy: He's got a mean streak and sets up a lot of goals. Like Langkow, the perfect fit for a young forward corps.

Sean Avery: With Tucker gone, who will other hockey fans love to hate? Frankly, I just hate having to watch my team play against him, so bring him aboard.

Jason Smith: The biggest mistake Quinn ever made was letting this guy go. I say sign him for two years and take our time with Schenn. No need to rush the kid, and Toronto need some bite on the blue line in the meantime.

Ryan Malone: His playoff performance will earn him a steep pay raise, too rich for the Leafs, but who wouldn't want this guy?

Forgive me if anybody has already signed with their respective clubs... the list I pulled from may be a little old.

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