Thursday, June 05, 2008

The universe keeps things in check.

Congratulations to SonicSurfers for winning the NHL.COM Battle of Ontario Playoff Pool. You have a year of bragging rights that I'm sure you'll take full advantage of.

Of course, for every positive, there must be a negative. That's how it works folks. Which is why it comes as no surprise that the day of the Surfer's big win, news that the Hockey Night in Canada theme song has been killed hit the news wire.

Our condolences to Dolores Claman who will no longer collect $500 from the CBC every time they use her song. When you consider all the promos, double-header games and playoffs, CBC Radio, ringtones, and everything else, one has to think that the Dolores, who wrote the song in 1968, is really gonna miss those cheques.

The CBC has decided to go in a new direction, which means they will probably get some Canadian artist to come up with something new. I hope it's this guy.

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