Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leafs Still Rule World

Well, the world of the CBC anyway.
Here is a summary of the NHL broadcasting schedule in Canada this season (thanks to the good people at The Globe). Toronto will be the prime time feature on the CBC once again, garnering possession of the Saturday night 7pm slot a total of 28 times (or, all of them except for one).
The CBC will also have six afternoon games this season which is considered a traditionally poor time slot. Ottawa will partake in four of them.

The sad news is that Hockey Day in Canada will not boast three all-Canadian match-ups. The NHL has stopped playing nice scheduling-wise for our National day. Toronto will play Detroit at 3pm while the Canucks will play the Avs at 10pm. Ottawa will have the 7pm slot on Hockey day in Canada versus the Habs, although it's a split telecast with Calgary and Edmonton for some reason? Wow, prime slot on Hockey Day In Canada Ottawa!! That and those baseball caps you won in the playoffs makes for a pretty good haul huh? (insert grin and head pat)

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