Tuesday, September 19, 2006

If the Sens could get one thing done this year...

...number two on my list would be revenge.

Warning: searching Youtube for highlights of Sens-Leafs games is like watching the cursed video tape from The Ring. Sooner or later the ghost of Cory Cross will crawl out of the monitor and destroy your soul.

Mogilny/Roberts: Game 6 - 2002 (I was there - Ricard Persson, it's all YOUR fault)
Roberts: Game 2 OT - 2002
Sundin: Game 1 OT - 2001
Cross: Game 3 OT - 2001

I will continue to predict a Sens-Canucks final until it actually happens* (let's call it the Alfredsson-Naslund "Swede Redemption" special). If I can't have that, a first round dumping of the Leafs will be more than enough to satiate me.

*alternate universe ass-covering prediction: Penguins-Coyotes

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