Tuesday, October 04, 2011


Interesting column from Mendes on Sportsnet here.

It's a good insight to Alfie's frame of mind last winter, this summer after his surgery and talks mostly about his future including on whether he could see himself leaving the club.

At this point, Alfredsson says that's not his intention but the Ottawa captain does leave the door open for a possible trade this season, if it makes sense for both himself and the organization.

"That might change, but as of right now, I have no desire to do that," Alfredsson said when asked if he would follow in Ray Bourque's path. "I haven't even thought about it that way. I'm committed to stay here, but who knows: things could change come February or March. But right now, I'd say ‘no’ to that question."

I don't think I would support moving the captain given this club's short current history but we do need to consider what an Alfie trade could bring to the Senators.

It's hard to say of course as we don't know how #11 is going to perform this season but if he returns to his 2009/10 form of a point a game and strong play then it would seem to me that a top ranked prospect and a first round pick is a starting point. The bigger issue is finding a true match with a contender. Alfredsson wouldn't be dealt to the highest bidder - we know Murray is going to take Alfie's desires into play and I actually think the chances of finding a match for a trade will be very difficult if it ever comes up. One of the few scenarios I actually could see is an Alfie to the Canucks deal involving Hodgson considering they are western conference team, Swedish familarity, and Canucks need for 2nd line RW scoring.

Again, for myself, I don't think it's worth it. Keeping Alfie in a Sens jersey and signing him for another few years would be worth more to this franchise.

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