Thursday, March 10, 2011

Should Ottawa move to Winnipeg if Coyotes stay put?

That's not a real question. I just want your attention. But answer it if you like.

There are two BoO games on tap:

It's not about the Leafs own games anymore. It's about the four or five teams on the cusp each and every night. Toronto host the Flyers, sans Pronger with Boucher getting the start. Boucher has smoked the Leafs twice this season already, so this could be a gift. Horse.
Meanwhile, Buffalo play the Bruins tonight, and tomorrow the Hurricanes play the Caps. As opponents go, Leafs/Sabres/Hurricanes couldn't have drawn much worse.

There are some games you look at in the schedule and you can't help but get caught up in the emotion, the stakes and the tension. This is not one of those games. If I'm an advertiser on sportsnet east I'm calling up my sales rep and asking if they can move my ad over to darts on Friday afternoon instead. As an experienced watcher of games that mean nothing in March, I feel for you Sens fans. This is the price you pay for "rebuilding". It sucks. Come over and watch the Leafs instead.

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