Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Schedule released and Horton won't be a Leaf when it starts...

Sens and Leaf fans you can mark October 9th on your calendars. Leafs and Sens will play at the ACC at 7pm, their first meeting of the year.

Also, Nathan Horton was traded today to the Bruins ending rumour #1267 as far as who will be coming to the Leafs (basically everybody if you believe Eklund). Interesting package. A 1st round pick, a 3rd round pick and Dennis Wideman.

Wideman is a 30-50 point Dman. That 1st overall pick is the 15th. The 3rd round is well, the 3rd round.

When this all shakes out, has Boston paid all that much less for Horton than Burke paid for Kessel? I know, we have to wait a few years to really find out but Wideman and a 1st rounder is pretty comparable to two first rounders. Throw in the 3rd and consider Horton is no Phil Kessel and you have an argument.


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