Friday, July 03, 2009

No Sens or Leafs at camp

(I'm not going to count Heatley.)

It's a little saddening to have no invites to the Team Canada camp from the Sens and it's no solace that the Leafs and Habs are in the same situation. Last time around we had Heatley, Redden, and Phillips at the training camp and Spezza was under consideration.

Some wonder if Spezza not being invited is a mistake. Savard likewise. Both are in the same situation where they are pure centers and up against Thornton, Lecavalier, Getzlaf and two way centers like Richards and Eric Staal.

The best argument in Spezza and Savard's favour is that Jordan Staal and Andy McDonald got invites. I don't understand the inclusion of either player frankly - especially the younger Staal - actually his brother Marc's inclusion on the defence leaves me scratching as well. Why isn't Jared there too?

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