Wednesday, April 15, 2009

F**k You, Indeed

Another Battle of Ontario Battle has come and gone, and our good friend DC in YOW has made the case for a dynasty. He not only managed to lock up a second BoOB title on the final weekend, fending off a strong challenge from David Johnson, but recorded the highest percentage increase in points since the All-Star break. This gives him most of this year's hardware, the only exception being the McCabe Memorial Award which will either be sent to Pension for a tour around his hometown (maybe he'll take it skydiving?) or lie in state here in the commish's hall closet.

Nicely done, DC. Shoot me an email to claim your prizes.

Well at least that goddamn season is finally over. Time to hang back, see if Dany and Jason can make their case for a 2010 roster spot in Switzerland, watch habtown burn to the ground after the sweep, and if we're up to it maybe allow ourselves to be driven mad by the latest heavy rotation marketing genius from Tim Hortons / Canadian Tire / Mastercard / Molson / CBC.

Have a great summer, everyone.

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