Tuesday, December 16, 2008

GAME DAY THREAD - Battle of the last place teams?

I thought this was a bit harsh of TSN: I mean really, does anybody see the standings from a "divisional" perspective anymore? Clearly somebody at TSN doesn't like Ottawa. Maybe everybody.

Leafs host the Devils and lately Clemmenson has looked a lot like the guy he's filling in for. Toronto have had more luck against the Devils since last year, but the bookies likely won't let that sway them. This smells like an end to the modest Leafs win streak.

Lastly, it's looking like Sundin will be a Ranger by end of week. They visit the ACC in Feb I believe, which already has me wondering: is he boo'd or cheered? Tough not to have at least one eyebrow raised when his reasons for not being traded last Feb have been completely contradicted in every way. Tough also not to give props to the Leafs all-time leading scorer and all-around good guy.

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