Friday, September 30, 2005

More good news for Leaf fans

From The Star:
Toronto will likely face the dynamic Senators with a top four defence consisting of Bryan McCabe — back in town after the birth of his daughter Wednesday — Tomas Kaberle, Alex Khavanov and Aki Berg. Colaiacovo and Wade Belak would likely round out the blue line.

The downside is that when you have this many Norris contenders on one team the votes tend to get split.

Khavanov and Berg are the number 3 and 4 defencemen on opening night! Is Belfour going to see more shots than Luongo did last year?


  1. How many pre-season wins does it take to make a sens fan forget how shitty their team is in the playoffs... Answer:6

    Does anyone realize that the Leafs have exactly the same defence they did before they got Leetch at the deadline in 03-04? I seem to remember the Leafs having a pretty good record with them!

    Plus they've added Khavanov/Brown and most likely Colaiacovo, which definitely doesn't hurt the team.

    They lost Roberts and Neiwendyk, which obviously hurts in the leadership/experience catergory but made significant improvements in offense and talent in Lindros/Allison/O'Neill/Czerkawski/Wellwood/Steen...

    Any possible explanations as to why they will be worse than last year with far more talent on their squad?

    Will there be an adjustment period. Sure. Is there risk in Allison/Lindros. Sure.
    Everyone is talking about how bad the Leafs could be, but don't talk about how GOOD they could be if all their players stay healthy!

    Prediction: Hasek out with a groin injury by November!

    Sens suck!

  2. Czerkawski Sundin Lindros
    O'Neill Allison Wellwood
    Antropov Steen Tucker Stajan Domi

    McCabe Klee
    Kaberle Khavanov
    Berg Brown


    Not bad to me...

  3. I have to agree with Five-o here, the Leafs do have a pretty good squad.

  4. Yep... Khavanov was a steady top 4/5 in STL.

    That's with Pronger/MacInnis/Jackman in the lineup!

  5. He'd be a 6th defenseman on Pittsburgh though!! HAHA

  6. Maybe, but he'd have to be homosexual to make their squad!