Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Leafs 6 Capitals 4

By The Meatriarchy

I was at Copps Coliseum last night and thus missed the game. And no I wasn't at a hockey game I was at a Keith Urban concert with my wife (STOP LAUGHING!!).

But it appeared the Leafs got back on track (to a degree) with Sundin, O'Neil, McCabe scoring. Carlo has his first goal and a strong game and Wellwood chips in with two points.

I will catch the game sometime over the course of the day on "game in an hour" on Leafs TV so if I have any more observations I will post them.


  1. To summarize:

    Played OK in the first period but a bad goal Belfour should have stopped and a nice Ovechkin goal had them down 2-0.

    Played a dominating second period outshooting the Caps 18-6 and tying the game up 2-2.

    Started out great in the third taking a 5-2 lead but then started giving up a few too many chances but held on to win 6-4.

    The game had its ups and downs for the Leafs but generally a good game.

  2. Was Keith Urban good? I'm guessing you probably don't like Country Music?

    Yeah it was a good efort by the Leafs. Bit of a slow start but they came back nicely with 5 goals then the 6th.

    Well it wouldn't be a post without some name calling but I will refrain.