Monday, November 14, 2005

Another Saturday night - another blowout

Ottawa has outscored their opponents on Saturday night games 30-2 so far this season.

vs Sabres 12 Nov 2005 6-1
vs Islanders 05 Nov 2005 6-0
@ Maple Leafs 29 Oct 2005 8-0
vs Bruins 15 Oct 2005 5-1
vs Sabres 08 Oct 2005 5-0

In hindsight, it was wise of Pizza Pizza to change their free pizza give-away to 6 goals scored instead of the 5 it was for the past few years. That would have been a lot of free pizza.

UPDATE: On the Team1200 drive home show they were taking suggestions for names for the top line of Spezza, Alfie, and Heatley. The Pizza Line was one of the favourites!
I suggested the following name to my carpooler - Capital Punishment.


  1. Now if you could only get playoff games to be played only on Saturdays in October and November you'll be all set.

  2. I dunno... as a hardcore Leafs fan, even I have to say this Ottawa team can afford to have the wheels fall off a couple of times and still do well. How they cope with the grind, and with injury are going to be the real test, as any Leafs fan knows.
    What percentage of Mats Sundin's missed games come during playoffs? What happens if Alfie goes down that way? Well, this year, I suspect, they keep scoring. As for the constant fixation on a Hasek injury, it's legitimate. You've got a lot riding on a 40 year old goalie.

  3. It's still a lot of pizza. ;-)

  4. The Ottawa Citizen "name the line" contest came up with some lame names last weekend such as cash and tango or whatever.It was obvious to me to have something more catchy like the "PIZZA" line.Although "capital Punishment is good ,I remember that name was suggested for the Yashin,Dackal,McChecran(sp?)line way back when.I first suggested Pizza line on Steve Warren's blog at the Team 1200 website but I thought I better call in to the Morons before the cash line stuck...Rob