Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Game Day Leafs at Tampa

by The Meatriarchy

A victory tonight will move the Leafs ahead of the Canadiens who have only won 3 of their last 10 as compared to the Leafs who have won 7 (although you wouldn't know it if you read this article.) How much better are the Leafs playing? Well Damian Cox hasn't written about them in his past 9 columns. Cox has a simple philosophy about the Leafs: if you can't bring yourself to write something good about them, don't write at all.

Tampa is not an easy opponent despite the result the last time and Vinnie Lecavalier has said that he carries some extra motivation into this game as Pat Quinn is the Olympic coach.
Well, maybe this will make him less of team player?

I missed the Florida game because I was Christmas shopping but it sounds like it was pretty boring.

Will try to have a post game synopsis up tomorrow.

P.S. Check out this from Al Strachan:

Even though the Maple Leafs fans and media -- not that there is much of a distinction in many cases -- want to see McCabe playing in Turin next February, the selectors want a gold medal, not a PR coup. As a result, McCabe isn't likely to make it. (emphasis mine)

Who the hell is he talking about? Other than Stormin Norman Rumack ( a late night host on the Fan 590) the media in this town is almost universally hostile to the Leafs. Heck the most gentle towards the team are the hosts of Leafs Lunch and this was the show that Tie Domi stormed out of in mid-interview.

Hey Al you work for the Toronto Sun next time you're there introduce your self to Steve Simmons.

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  1. Leave him home. If we are relying on D-scoring, we won't win the Gold anyhoo.