Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Blueline banter

I thought this post here by Chris Selly was very good:
I am supposed to believe that Ottawa's Brian Pothier or Andrej Meszaros could magically transplant themselves to the Leafs and turn the great ship blue-and-white around, but that's silly. The Leafs' system, or lack thereof, would turn any of those defensemen into the same flawed hockey players that Berg and Khavanov are now.

Colby Cosh in the comments writes
I'm not suggesting that Andrej Meszaros is truly a typical sixth defenceman, but he is reported to be terrific and has a rather annihilating +16 through 15 games. I doubt anyone in Ottawa even still considers him the #6

Yeah - most would consider he's past Pothier now on the depth chart. It tough though to really gauge where he's at - as the Chara/Phillips tandem is playing against the top lines.

As I say that, you can see from last nights stats that Pothier had 5 minutes more icetime than Meszaros. They were initally paired but Pothier was put with Redden instead of Volchenkov for the last half of the third as the Sens tried for the tying goal. I guess that tells you something about the depth chart.

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