Tuesday, November 01, 2005

In case you missed it - the Sens won 8-0!

And not on the scoreboard:
Comments: McGrattan tries to hit Domi along the boards. Domi gives him the elbow and they decide to go. Good, fair square off. They come together and hold on. They exchange a few punches and Domi lands a couple of jersey shots. McGrattan then lands a bomb and Domi goes down. Domi was cut and had to leave.
Voted winner: Brian McGrattan


  1. I think it's cute how every year Sens fans get so excited about beating the Leafs in the regular season.

  2. Ottawa fans are funny. If Brian "I can't play a lick of hockey but I can fight" McGratton played for the Leafs he would be a representation of all the worst things hockey has to offer and just another member of Toronto's 'goon' squad. But since he plays for Ottawa he is a hero and a saviour for a team who will no longer be pushed around as if one guy who plays 4 minutes of hockey per game has much influence on team toughness. It's quite funny actually.

    But hey, did anyone really expect big 24-year old McGratton wouldn't beat a much smaller 37 year old Domi?

  3. McGratton played a whopping 1:50 in that game. After playing a season high 6:21 the night before I am sure he was all tuckered out.

    But let's not short change Ottawa. The score was 5-3, not 5-2.

  4. They love winning their little regular season battles.

    These regular season blowouts make the Leaf playoff victories so much sweeter!

  5. Why do they even need McGratton?
    I thought Chris Neil was a legitimate NHL heavyweight?

    Although his hands have probably gone soft with all that power play time he's getting.

  6. It's my Domi I can cry if I want to.

  7. 8-0?

    That's old news, what with Heatley dropping in four in a spirited performance after what the Laffs did to his former teammates.

    But what about 10-4?

    Heck, I was disappointed Heatley didn't even manage a Hat Trick, and Spezza didn't even score a single goal.

    What's the world coming to?

    With apologies to Buffalo fans, for whom a four-goal night would normally be a downright respectable evening.

    Then, as The Meatriarchy will be quick to point out, Toronto's points leader is on the "D" (... with a "-4" +/- rating!).