Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Leafs 2 Rangers 1

By The Meatriarchy

Hey, two game win streak! And anytime you limit Jagr to one goal you are doing something right.

Some quick thoughts:

The Leafs played a decent first period matching shots with the Rangers and scoring the only goal as McCabe scored on a two man advantage. Jagr took over during the second and powered his way into the Leafs zone a couple of times before scoring. McCabe again was the hero in the third putting a howizter by Weeks for the winner.

Allison was on a line with Poni and Andropov. Maybe we could call it the Trade Bait Line? Harry Neale noted that Allison looked faster tonight. Well Harry, consider who his linemates were.

As has been the case with the past few games there have been some penalties committed against the Leafs that weren't called. Most noticeably a hook on Sundin late in the game that would have put the Rangers down for the final minute.

Alex Steen was on the ice during the last minute protecting a lead with the Ranger's goalie pulled. What does that say about Quinn's confidence in him? A lot

McCabe was the star tonight as well as the Leafs defense as a whole - they didn't give up 30 shots for the first time in, well, I don't know how long.

How do you like the new NHL? 2-1 that isn't really a high scoring game and 28-24 isn't really a lot of shots. Additionally there weren't a lot of penalties. Could it be that players are adjusting and learning how to slow the game down?