Friday, November 25, 2005

Game Day: Leafs at Carolina 7:00 pm

By The Meatriarchy

Darcy Tucker has not made the trip due to the fact that is wife is about to pop out a mini-Tucker and if the Doctor slaps it too hard Darcy wants to make sure he is there to take care of things.

In his place the Polish Prince of Darkness Mariusz Czerkawski emerge from his crypt (the press box) to fill in on - the first line?

At least that's where he was playing yesterday at practice.

Pat Quinn is not taking any chances in goal tonight in the arena where Arturs Irbe played and is starting Mikael Tellqvist instead of Belfour who has been smitten with Irbe syndrome as of late. That is to say everytime he leaves the net it is an adventure.

Carolina will have Brin d'Amour and Wesley back tonight as they try to snap a three game losing skid.

The game will be broadcast on TSN and Talk 640


  1. Dear god, NOT playing Belfour now equals Quinn taking no risks in net? I haven't seen the games (I'm in northern England), but is he really that bad?

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  3. What is wrong with Sundin? He doesn't seem to be as effective since they started calling clutching and grabbing.

  4. You could be right however I think the new rules affect different styles of players .I also think the defencive minded coaches are suffering eg. Jacques Martin.I am looking forward to seeing how the game will be played in the playoffs.This should be when we see more physicsal play in my opinion.