Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Worth repeating

This type of reasonable, standup thinking from Leaf fans, from the comments below, deserve some additional air time:

Kyle said...
A win over the Canadiens may be enough to stop the Leafs from firing Quinn (or
removing him as coach) for the next couple of weeks but a loss will probably force them to announce a firing before the weekend. Best wishes to Eddie and whoever else gets sent to a better place on Thursday....sigh....
Five-0 said...

Maybe if they trade Wellwood and Steen to get back Roberts and Neiwendyk they could... SLAP!
Or maybe Dougie and Wendel will come out of retirement to turn the team ar... SLAP!
What if we picked up Felix Potvin and he played like he did when he was a rook... SLAP!
I agree... sigh...Man this is gonna be a rough week for us Leafs fans.
Jameso said...

....But back to the point, who has faith that anyone in head office has a clue how to rebuild a team? For the last decade, we've been living year-by-year, unable to commit to the future because we need Leetch! Now! Because this might be The Year!So now that that's clearly not the case, does some dormant brain-trust emerge from their icy caskets and go about planning a sleek young team? Do we still have scouts somewhere other than Rangers games? Time to find out. And, to be fair, what youth the Leafs have, and have developed, is actually pretty good.
Additionally, this comment from Jameso is a good one; "Oh yeah--now that it looks like Hasek is recovered, and Emery is solid, do any Sens fans still think a deal might be made for a goalie? If not, what moves are more likely?"

I certainly don't think the focus should be on getting a marginally better tender than Emery. My biggest concern is down the middle but I would not give up Vermette, or either of Volchenkov or Mezaros. Would I be worried about going into the playoffs with Spezza, Smolinski, Fisher, and Kelly as our four centres? Slightly.

Also - don't forget that Havlat is expected back in a couple of weeks as well which will give him some time to get back into game shape.


  1. It looks like the grudge match with the TBL has begun.

    Luckily, we seem to have their number. Then again, the same was true of another team a few years back.

  2. Reasonable, standup thinking?
    You say that like we're not always that way...

    What about all those years of being right when we were also saying, fire your coach, get rid of Lalime, get a legit number one goalie, you need more grit to win in the playoffs, you don't need more one dimensional scoring like Bondra...

    Maybe you've finally learned from us?

    All kidding aside... I agree with Don. For what you'd have to give up in return, it's not worth it to get a goalie that is slightly more experienced than Emery. And if you went for a number one guy that could fill the void next year, Hasek would probably get panties in a knot.

    This team will win or lose with Hasek in nets. I think Emery is a good, solid backup. Worry about replacing your starter next year.

  3. By the way...

    Thanks for the props Don.
    This is probably the only time in my life a sens fan will refer to me as "reasonable" and "standup", so I'll take it when I can get it.

  4. On the trade talk, I'm absolutely discouraged about the Sens pursuing Bertuzzi. This guy does not deserve a Stanley Cup. Ever. Vancouver should deal him to Toronto to seal this fate for him. They could get exactly what they want: a seasoned goalie (Belfour) and depth defenseman (McCabe - who, interestingly, refused the Leafs' offer yesterday). Bert and Tucker could room together and trade stories of being sleazy players. Bert would feel right at home in a place where hockey fans are blind to everything hockey related. Could be good for his career, no?

    I encourage all Sens fans to write the Sens org and demand that Bertuzzi is taken off the list of desirables. I'd hate to have to turn my back when the car he's sitting in travels down Wellington during the parade.

  5. Thanks, indeed, Don.
    And to be fair to Sens fans in return, most of them on this board have been confident in Hasek and Emery. In my opinion too confident, but it's looking smart now. Most worry that Hasek'll get hurt and sit out the playoffs has come from... me and some other Leafs fans.
    Were we just trying to make Ottawa-ers nervous? (Hey, there's a point- what are we supposed to call you guys?)
    I think we've been burned too often by creaky free-agent goalies, to be honest, and rendered unable to trust again.

  6. I haven't heard who the 'Nucks would want back in return for Bertuzzi.

    Time to check out the West Coast blogs I guess.

  7. Anonymous... What in the world are you talking about? He should never win a cup? You'd be lucky to get a guy like him. That's what your team has been missing for the past five years. A big, strong, offensive, gritty player that can get under opposing players skin.

    does this hatred come from what he did to Steve Moore, and if so, what does that say about a guy like Heatley?

    Should he ever win a cup?

  8. About Bertuzzi--

    This sounds suspiciously like pure conjecture from some soccermom somewhere trying to stir the shit to fill in her day and brag on her blog about (apologies to soccermoms).

    I'll believe it when I see it. Why would Vancouver be dumping him? Last I heard they were in and need the help just as much as we would.

    Next, relax! It's the NHL. It's not anything real -- they don't pass laws or send your kids to war or do anything of any real consequence. It's just entertainment on ice.

    If you or your kids are getting your sense of morality and ethics from who plays on your team or what they paint on their mask, you've got bigger problems than you realize.

    What's the view like from the cheap seats? If you want to afflict real change get off your ass and put some effort into it. Calling for a boycott or putting together another damn online petition together about things so ridiculously trivial like who is on a team and what colors a hockey team's uniform is requires about as much effort as a fart.

  9. merci for the props, don, but after reading today's star, i'm beginning to doubt my prognosticating skills.

    The link's a little long so I won't waste the space here but the telling section of today's article can be found here:

    'Ferguson said the Leafs could not be categorized as "buyers" or "sellers" on Thursday and that the team's "overall strategy has not been impacted" by its place in the standings.'

    i continue to sigh heavily in frustration....

    i'm also beginning to wonder if the leafs aren't really being controlled by the same people who ran paul martin's last two electoral campaign; the term 'confidently obvlious' comes to mind.

  10. I agree with 5-0, why is it ok to take a guy who has killed someone by a unfortunate accident, but not a guy who fractured a guy's neck (I still think it was the pile-up that may have caused it). Both are responsible for what they did. Steve Moore's only reprecussion is that he can't play hockey. What both Heatley and Bertuzzi did was wrong but they've served enough punishment and are stand up players that are the best in their categories. I would be proud to have either of those guy's on my team.

  11. Lads, are those Clydesdales you're riding? Looks like it could use a rest. (yeah, I taste the irony in this and my previous post too - I cooked it)

    Five-O: did you miss the few weeks between Bert's threat and action? Or the reconciliation between Heater and the Snyders? (including a genuine apology) Am I missing the similarity? That'd be like comparing Cheney shooting his buddy to the D.C. sniper killings.

    "A big, strong, offensive, gritty player that can get under opposing players skin". I looked at that under TSN's "skill-set". Funny. Bert is the only one listed. My mistake.

    Here's some of what I was filling my day with:

    Anyway, he's playing like crap these days and we really don't need the sideshow distraction that he'll bring to the club. As for 'never' deserving to win the cup, I consider that about half as inflammatory as half the stuff some of you post here. I just don't think he should with the Sens. I'm quite happy with the team as is.

  12. I can only see Ottawa making a cheapish move -- something like picking up Witt and Zubrus (neither of which particularly like the Caps) for some draft picks and/or a few rookies. That could make some sense for both teams.

    It gets Ottawa toughness and another center without losing the key parts of this years team. It also goes a long way towards keeping a strong team if they lose Chara or Redden next year.
    It gets the Caps some players to put around Ovechkin for next year and as they build towards a contender and gets rid of their Witt problem.

  13. No I did not miss the two weeks in between. So, you're saying the whole Vancouver team, coaching staff, and the management shouldn't win either? They made the same threats.

    Actually, it's like comparing:

    A guy who plays in a rough sport, who is asked to play on a fine line, who went over that line and payed the price by missing a year and a half of hockey because of it.


    A guy who was drinking with his buddy, was driving too fast and KILLED his friend.
    The fucked up thing is... "Bertzy" is being criticized more than "Heaters" for what he did! It's fine that you don't want him on your team, in fact I agree that right is probably not the best time to come to Ottawa, but drop the whole "Bertuzzi is the devil" show.

    And there are more out there like him... but if you have to "look it up" on TSN then you obviously don't know who they are anyways?

  14. It seems TSN didn't like my posting so they've removed "TSN's skill-set" from their webpage and replaced it with a similar imaginary website.

    I'm still waiting for Bertuzzi to actually say "hey, Steve, I'm sorry." So is Steve, apparently. If TB had managed that without obviously implying Moore deserved it (cf. his televised cry fest and subsequent behaviour/comments). For what it's worth, I certainly do think Crawford should have been suspended and fined a significant chunk of money.

    The question is intent: how much time elapsed between Snyder getting in the car and Heatly losing control? Two weeks or twenty minutes? I wouldn't be surprised if Snyder had been yelling "gun it" or like thereof. I'd certainly be surprised if Heatly had said "I'm going to drive into a fire hydrant so you can get your face f'd up bro!"

    As with Bertuzzi, Heatly is still facing legal issues related to the accident. Let's not forget that he also killed his best friend. But hey, where's the punishment in that?

    For what it's worht, I think Bert should have received a penalty for as long as McSorely. Yup. Sure, McSorely's was premeditated as well, but for about 40 minutes. Guess that's what happens when you don't score goals though.

    How does this relate to hockey? I don't want to see Bertuzzi goon some other guy (wasn't his first time, won't be his last) and get suspended, affecting our team. I think one of the reasons he's been playing garbage hockey is that he's trying to improve his image - keeping his inner goon chained up, S&M ball in mouth. I'd rather avoid him getting all psyched up for one of our playoff games and yelling "loose hold" to the keeper of the goon and having him smash his head into Nash's face in the Eastern Conference final because Nash hip-checks Chara on the power play forecheck.

  15. This whole Bertuzzi thing is still poison for whatever message board it touches. But no-one's mind is going to get changed at this point. I can't imagine the Sens want him- adding a major new player at this stage would stir up the locker room enough without all the media shit he brings.
    And, far more importantly, he just isn't playing well. The Canucks don't seem to be happy with him, and I'd love to hear what most of you were yelling at the TV during that Canada-Russia game. Forget morality, this sort of move is too dumb even for MLSE. Now, picking him up after he's been slumping for three more years... (God, won't JFJ just admit it's time to think about next year?)

  16. K Neither Bertuzzi or Heatley knew what the outcome of their actions would have been. Steve Moore didn't deserve what happened, neither did Snyder. Both actions were horrible and the outcomes were just as bad. Lets drop it there. They were immature decisions, many other people have made worse decisions.

    I doubt Vancouver will part with betuzzi, especially to Ottawa. Ottawa would have to give up to much for him. Ottawa if they want to make a move will have to give up something more than draft picks thats why i don't see them making any oves for any big players. Washington will want something decent for Witt but Witt isn't what Ottawa needs. Go for Rechhi from Pittsburgh. Trade a first round pick and a prospect or something like that.

  17. So...

    I'm gonna go get pissed with my buddies, jump in my ferrari, do 100+ MPH and kill the guy in my car, but because I didn't "intend" to do it, because it was my best friend and because the family has forgiven me makes it punishment enough?


  18. five-O,

    "I'm gonna go get pissed with my buddies". Heatly's blood alcohol was under 0.02. The legal limit for Georgia? Same as Ontario: 0.08.

    Ever driven a car a lot faster than the limit for a thrill? (you there Jay??) Ever limited yourself to a pint of beer and then drive your drunken buddies home while they yell "faster, dude, faster!" (you there, um, average hockey fan??) Ever planned an assault then stalked someone and punched them from behind? (you there, um ...... Bertuzzi?)

    Let's get this off the BoO and jump over to a political blog if we're going to talk about crime and punishment. You'd find some interesting things written about punishment and victim impact.

    I'd be hesitant (biased, of course) to say Bertuzzi didn't intend to injure Moore. Perhaps not a broken neck, but the heavily implied goal was to put Moore out for as long as he put Naslund out.... plus 'punitive damages'.

    "because I didn't "intend" (WTF is with the ""?) to do it, because it was my best friend and because the family has forgiven me"

    um.... yah.

  19. You should preview as well Yoda,looks like spelling was/is not one of your best subjects.
    5-0,TB actions on the ice(in all the leagues he's played in) are the reasons he's not a good fit.Drop the other crap.

  20. ohh good one fluff, well for the sanity of everyone else I won't banter back and forth with ya about stipid crap. I'll let your "pissant" comments go. TB(Todd Bertuzzi) that couldn't figure it out or couldn't spell it, is a player that plays a hard game. Steve Moore threw a dirty hit on Naslund, any team will issue a threat for that kind of thing. They don't mean they are going to go out and break a guys neck, that was unfortunate and I guarantee you Bertuzzi feels bad about it but can't admit it most likely due to the legal preceedings that followed and still go on. They want to go send out their big tough guy to mess his face up in a fight, Moore was too much of a wimp to stand up for his actions and Bertuzzi crossed the line.