Friday, March 17, 2006

Highs and lows

Unfortunately Mike Fisher injured his ankle last night and could be out for a while.

Fortunately it's not broken and should be okay for the playoffs.

Unfortunately the Sens lost their fifth shootout in a row.

Fortunately they came back from a deficit in the 3rd for the 2nd game in a row when they've had a (relative) problem this year in close games.

Unfortunately they've let the opposition - less than stellar opposition to boot - get the upperhand on them the last two games.

Fortunately Hasek started skating yesterday.

Unfortunately he fell and "struggled to get back on his feet"?

Big game against the Sabres tomorrow night. They, of course, beat the Leafs last night putting another nail in that coffin. They could move past Ottawa with a win and put the Sens down to the fourth seed.


  1. Fish *better* be back for the playoffs -- I'm still mentally prepping for my worst case scenario of Heater and Spezz getting rubbed out and Schaef/Fish/Neil filling the void.

    As for Hasek's struggles -- no worries -- he's never been much of a stand-up goalie anyway.

  2. too bad we won't see the game on the tube.The CBC will have to show the slower game for the "slower fans".

  3. Pretty funny Duff, with Fisher out thats going to hurt the Sens some. That fall looked pretty bad, I thought he broke his ankle. I don't see Hasek coming back anytime soon. If he still has his groin hurting him and he isn't able to do certain things that ain't good. He may be able to go down but he won't be able to move far after that so you better hope he makes the first save. Plus you guy's need him back, you were lucky last night that Buffalo didn't get many shots cause Emery made some pretty weak saves and was out of position a lot.