Monday, March 27, 2006


From the Senators today....

Things we don't care about:

Already the holder of the NHL record for wins to begin a career with nine, Senators rookie goaltender Ray Emery could tie another NHL record tomorrow against New Jersey. The Hamilton native will be attempting to match Philadelphia Flyer Bernie Parent’s mark of 12 wins in a calendar month, which he recorded in March of 1974.
He's got two games left this month.

Things we do care about:
Defenceman Anton Volchenkov (stiff neck) was back at practice on Monday, but he’s still questionable for tomorrow’s game against New Jersey.
Dominik Hasek (adductor muscle) expects to skate some time this week in his full equipment, without his teammates.
Martin Havlat (shoulder) will be re-examined by doctors in Cleveland in the next few days. He hopes to be cleared to resume full-contact drills.
Zdeno Chara (right hand) and Mike Fisher (right ankle) still have some recovering to do, but both said they noticed significant improvements with their injuries since last week.
Defenceman Wade Redden didn’t skate at practice today, but he’ll be in the lineup tomorrow after resting his sore hip.


  1. No, no, no, no.
    When will the Sens management learn you're supposed to tell the press 'upper/lower body injury', and proclaim they'll be back in 2-12 weeks?
    It's like they think people follow this sort of thing, and would like to know how the players are doing.

  2. Wow. And with all that the Sens are 7-2-1 in their L10 and were the first to clinch a playoff spot. You might say that the guys are 'stepping up', showing 'leadership' and 'grit', and 'taking responsibility'.

    Speaking of which, it's nice to see Recchi get his first point last night since Carolina picked him up.

  3. I'd like to know how winning 7 of the last 10 amounts to having leadership or grit, or stepping up. As far as I can tell the Sens don't have far to step up. They're first in the east. They can't get much better for a regular season team.

    Come playoffs they have never had what it takes to win a cup. Sure they'll win playoff series but they need the "Mark Messier" in the room who will carry this team on and off the ice, on his back.

    That is what they are missing, yeah they can win the cup but if they had a guy like Messier or Yzerman then I would almost guarantee you they would win the Cup.

  4. I dunno, putting together some wins when a good chunk of the team is injured has to be a good sign, right? You're always going to be missing someone or other in the playoffs, better get used to it.
    That said, Ottawa might be geting into this 'grit' thing too much if top-two defensemen are hurting themselves trying to fight.

  5. Must be something in the drinking water.Sens fans are making suggestions on how to rebuild the Leafs while the Leaf fans are giving advice on playoff success.
    Gotta love it!