Monday, March 20, 2006

Back on top

Two wins on the weekend puts our mighty Sens back on top of the conference and 5 points ahead of Buffalo for the division lead.

The Leafs bad PK gave up four to Jagr and the Rangers on Saturday night but managed to scrape by the Pens who seem to have some problems paying the hydro bill.

The question is though - Does it matter for Leaf fans whether their team finishes in 10th or 13th spot?


  1. Absolutely. If we're not going to make the playoffs, finishing as low as possible has to be a good thing in the long run. There's the cynical drive for draft picks, but also, someone needs to wake up JFJ, or at least get him to tell someone The Plan (my last borrowing from Damien Cox ever)...
    Some long term planning around now'd be nice, and I don't know how else it's going to get done. Good thing we held onto Ed Belfour, though, cause we wouldn't want to have 'conceded anything'.

  2. It takes a power outage in Pittsburgh - twice! - to get the Sens game on any TV channel below 5000.

    Meanwhile we're stuck watching the boobs in blue play another non-contender.


  3. Hey, just giving the people what they want to see. I'm pretty sure more people have been to a Leafs game than live in Ottawa.

  4. Yeah, yeah, but Is your GM one of them?

    I mean he seems completely oblivious to how his team is doing, and more concerned with plastering his hair back than building a decent team for the present OR the future. -- Does the guy running the ship in T.O. even like hockey?

  5. I'd prefer the Leafs finished lower in order to get a higher draft pick but it looks like they're gunning for 10th or possibly 9th.

    Though Ottawa appears to be firing on all cylinders, methinks finishing in first overall portents playoff doom (the pressure, the pressure of being top seed) for the Sens. Of course, not having to face a Toronto team means they could win at least one round.

  6. geeiwonder, I'm not going to disagree with you there (see my first post).

  7. He should ease up on the gel and focus on getting the job done. For that matter, so should the rest of the city.

    Of course, he could be doing it on purpose -- which would support my old theory that MLE has an agenda to destroy hockey from the inside by poisoning the league with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    However, it does nothing to support my other old theory, namely that Germuans love David Hasselhoff.

  8. I think that JFJ is being handcuffed by MLSE, otherwise he's incompetent, may be a bit of both. I guess we'll see in the offseason to see what he has to do. I think they need to mix in some more youth with the team, not rookies but guy's that have been around for a while, but are around the 25-27 year old range. They got a good crop of young guy's coming so they just need to fill the age gap between their ancient players and the young players.

  9. I think Jameso should be the GM for TO.He's the only Leaf fan that makes any sense!

  10. Hmmm, coming from Duff, that makes me a little nervous...

  11. Well none of the Sens fans make sense so at least we have one guy that does!

    JFJ didn't have much to trade for in the dealine. I think he had to stay with the guy's he had cause the team was in bad enough straits as it was introducing a new presence into the room might not have been a good idea for a team with the chance of still making the playoffs.

    Make the moves in the offseason when you can sign some young UFA's.

  12. What do you mean "we" Yoda.So now you are a Leafs fan again?
    I guess it's good to have a backup team incase your first choice sucks.Pitching for the other team again MaplePenguin boy?

  13. Duff, what the hell are you smoking? I cheer for my Penguins before anything. I was there the whole game last night with my Pens Jersey on. I got up and Cheered for the goals even when I was the only one in all the Sections around that was. I'm a die hard Pens fan beyond belief, ask Don if you want, he knows how big a fan I am. My loyalty Lies with the Penguins. I stayed till the final buzzer went, not like over half the crowd who had left with 2 minutes remaining.

    Do I like the Maple Leafs, yes I do, I also like Carolina, Edmonton, Calgary and a few others. Is that illegal. You were giving me shit a while back for posting Penguins stuff so I said fine I'll cheer for the Leafs on this site, seeing that it is the "Battle of Ontario".

    So now your going to be a dick that I'm cheering for the Leafs??

    Do I have to like the Penguins and no one else? And if you want to know I'll be cheering for Carolina throughout the Playoffs as my Penguins won't make the playoffs. Yes big shocker, want to comment on that, tell everyone how bad they are? Come on Duff, pick on the little guys. Are you really Chris Neil? Won't fight the big fights but will go after offensive players and no good fighters??

    Sorry for everyone who has nothing to do with this, I try to follow topic but Duff likes to pick on people.

    Anyway, as for the game last night, wasn't quite the game I was expecting, seems Ottawa took the Penguins lightly and the Penguins didn't answer the call. Also what is it with Shorthanded goals when these 2 teams meet??