Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quinn Countdown

Will tonights HNIC game be Quinn's last as the head coach of the Leafs?

If they get embarrassed at home can JFJ continue with the coach that runs this 11th place team?


  1. Don't worry - the Leafs' slide is part of a bigger plan:

    Divine intervention.

    This is the year the Leafers win the cup.

  2. The one where people understand a nifty concept called "sarcasm". You're welcome to join us here.

  3. Geez, cantxcape, you're certainly making a run at turning this into a forum for namecalling and little else.
    Shall I start the bidding at "Ottawa's a two-bit backwater whose best possible contribution to the nation would be to implode, and take Parliament with it"? Or shall we stick to hockey, as I'm sure you'd prefer?
    And Andrew-- I like the concept, but where does Belfour fit into it? Is he some sort of Memento Mori, a reminder we all shall become old and infirm? How many of the deadly sins currently apply to our defensive corps?

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  5. Can you really see them getting rid of Quinn mid-season? The market for coaches (and I'm not sure anyone has a theory on who would replace him) is going to be better in the summer, and unless the coach wants to double in net, I'm not sure he'll change the direction the Leafs are heading.
    Will JFJ make any trades at all? I don't like how much like last summer this is looking... or this season... or any time he's just sat there, not making any moves. May as well ship Belfour, but I'd like to keep McCabe. Am I the only one?

  6. You are the only one left in Leaf Nation.All the rest have jumped off the wagon.Turn out the lights when you go.The Fat lady has left the ACC!!!

  7. Make that two.

  8. Catxcape, you didn't do any name calling, but you called the guy's comments lame. You and Duff need to learn how to take some ribbing. People are going to make fun of the Sens, just as you have every right to make fun of the Leafs. Get over it. People will respond to what you say, it's a fact of life.

    Back to the Topic of Quinn, I say you have to keep him right now. It would cause to much Turmoil right now to let him go. You have Paul Maurice in the Minors coaching the AHL team so that would be a option but I think Quinn can get it Done.

    And all this Bandwagon jumping that Duff is talking about seems quite familiar to the tone of Sens fans every year when they get put out of the playoffs. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. Paul Maurice will be the next coach of the Leafs... It's just a matter of when.

    And Duff, if Leafs fans didn't jump off the bandwagon during the 80's then why in the wolrd would they now?

    We've had 6 solid years under Quinn. We've made it to the semi's twice, made the playoffs every year, beat the Senator's 4 times in those playoffs and overall, had a very competitive team under him.
    Unfortunately, we didn't win the cup during his tenure as coach and ultimately, that is what will seal the fate of every coach.

    It's simple. Changes are needed.

    It's hard to watch it unfold but I think this might be a blessing in disguise.

  10. I think Quinn stays only if JFJ can't get the guy he wants - unless the guy he wants actually is Maurice.

  11. If Leafs fans didn't jump off the bandwagon during the 80's then why in the wolrd would they now?

    Because you were 13 years old then (or whatever) and by now we'd hope that you'd be a bit wiser. Then again, we are talking about Toronto fans. :)

    I know, I know, it's easy to take shots at a team having a bad season, but hey, it's fun too. (Apologies to the Simpsons)

  12. I'm hearing Belfour to Edmonton...

    That'd be cool.

    I'd like to see him do well in that playoffs one last time.

  13. Damn I love the trade deadline.

  14. So, if Belfour gets dealt, do the Leafs have enough in the goaltending department to do without a big deal before next season (let's assume this season is tanked)? Those much-ballyhooed juniors probably have to wait a couple of years before we can rely on them, no? So who or what is in net 2006-07?

  15. I think Tellqvist deserves a shot. He's steadily improved under Belfour and has shown he can play at the international level... I think it's time to give him a shot.
    Pogge/Rask are awesome prospects but like you said, it'll be a few years before they make a significant impact.

    If there's a good deal out there for a guy like Roloson or Giguere they should definitley consider it but I think their main concern over the next coulple years should be developing a faster offensive attack and better overall defensive system.

    A goalie will put you over the top, but if you don't have the two things listed above you won't get very far!

    Unless of course you have Roy or Brodeur in nets!

  16. A win over the Canadiens may be enough to stop the Leafs from firing Quinn (or removing him as coach) for the next couple of weeks but a loss will probably force them to announce a firing before the weekend. Best wishes to Eddie and whoever else gets sent to a better place on Thursday....sigh....

  17. Maybe if they trade Wellwood and Steen to get back Roberts and Neiwendyk they could... SLAP!

    Or maybe Dougie and Wendel will come out of retirement to turn the team ar... SLAP!

    What if we picked up Felix Potvin and he played like he did when he was a rook... SLAP!

    I agree... sigh...

    Man this is gonna be a rough week for us Leafs fans.

  18. Pick your poison Yoda.Are you a Pens fan or a closet Leaf fan .Have the guts to admit membership in Leaf Nation and take the smack.I would expect the same from 5-0 and the rest of his woodworking class if the Sens were losing.I asume that is why we are on this blog called battle of Ontario.Who cares about the Pens and Sydny Cysby?..Go Sens GO,GO Habs when you meet the Leafs...

  19. O-kay, Duff.
    But back to the point, who has faith that anyone in head office has a clue how to rebuild a team? For the last decade, we've been living year-by-year, unable to commit to the future because we need Leetch! Now! Because this might be The Year!
    So now that that's clearly not the case, does some dormant brain-trust emerge from their icy caskets and go about planning a sleek young team? Do we still have scouts somewhere other than Rangers games? Time to find out.
    And, to be fair, what youth the Leafs have, and have developed, is actually pretty good.

  20. Oh yeah--now that it looks like Hasek is recovered, and Emery is solid, do any Sens fans still think a deal might be made for a goalie? If not, what moves are more likely?

  21. What wrong with woodworking?

  22. I think JFJ will make the right moves...

    But will MLSE?

  23. I'm glad to see folks admitting we have to face the music.

    Build it, and they will win.

  24. OK Duff, I'm a Penguins fan above all else. Always have been. But seeing as you have nicely pointed out this is a Battle of Ontario. very good of you to figure that out! So I'm going to comment in favour of the Leafs here cause I hate the Sens and the majority of their fans and media. I believe if you have actually read any of the posts you'd figure out five-0 is a Leafs fan, don't think that was to hard to figure out. Why don't you put up a comment in response to a Hockey related comment and not keep throwing big insults around.

    Now thats out of the way, I think JFJ will make the right moves. He got some good veterans in the offseason, minus allison, and didn't pick up the last years crop who really haven't panned out. If they decide to trade away people then go for a rebuilding model. You ain't going win much, though they don't have to do a complete overhaul so it won't be as bad as the Penguins.

    For Duff, Pittsburgh made some huge mistakes. The only decent signing patrick made was Recchi. They got a decent young team in rebuilding, reminicent of the Senators back in the early days, minus the retarded coach who turned a highly offensive team into a boring defensive team.

    The penguins are a few veterans and a solid defenseman away from having a decent rebuilding team. I think 3 years they'll make the playoffs if they can keep the team together. They need to let Craig Patrick go and get another Coach therrien just doesn't seem to cut it.

    PS Duff Don't know who Sydny Cysby is, oh did you mean Sidney Crosby? Pretty close spelling if you were in Kindergarten. Anyway sorry to all for the lesson on the penguins but Duff really wanted to know so I thought I'd fill him in.

  25. Duff also why go after the Penguins when I hadn't even mentioned them in this post?? Because they are the worst team in the league. You like to go after the crappy teams? Make you feel better about Senators who are top of the league? haven't seen you post a decent comment about the Sens.

    Why don't you post about the Sens and how good they are and what they should be doing at the Deadline? If I was the Senators I'd trade for a goalie even if Hasek comes back, they'll need someone next year when Hasek is gone. Emery isn't going to cut it in the playoffs. He hasn't been that steady this year.

  26. Sydny Crysby,forgot the "r",should use preview more often.5-0's a Leaf fan? Oh that's why he's on this blog!Amazing!
    I love this rivalry in Ontario,especially during the playoffs.This blog is for commentary from both sides of the aisle,not the basement.
    Quinn will stay to cover for JFJ.Lose Quinn and lose next year.
    Emery is gaining confidence and so is management.Ottawa's rookies will be the surprise story of the playoffs so don't expect Olie.Muckler is good for one surprise.

  27. Duff, come on you can't even spell it right after you correct it. Sydny, hmm lets see it's SIDNEY, little difference, Crysby uhh last time I checked its CROSBY. To many Y's there buddy. The kid has more talent than anyone on the Sens roster.

    I've been commenting as a supporter of the Leafs and a hater of the Sens, with the Odd tidbit from the Penguins. If Hasek comes back soon then ya you can stay with Him and Emery but I wouldn't be comfortable with Emery in Game 7 of a stanley Cup final or a game 7 period. Sens need to at least pick up a solid veteran Centre. Recchi would be a interesting Candidate.

  28. Good one duff, how about alftakesitupthepooerdson, or redsnortsomecoken or spezonemovewonderza or heatcrazyeyesly. He's a 18 year old kid taking the brunt of the whole NHL media and taking a lot of punishment from other players. Yeah his whining will get him in trouble but he's 18 and still is growing as a human.

  29. Making him an assistant captain was a mistake and you just proved my point.

  30. It wasn't a mistake. The guy is a leader on that team. He's got more heart and Knowledge than most people. Mark Recchi even said that. If you watch a game when he has a mic on, he's ver vocal with his guy's and he leads by his performance on the Ice. Everything that a Captain or Assitant Captain should do, no?

    Who cares that he whines. A tonne of players do it, it's not nothing new. The media spotlight on him is huge so you're going to see a lot of that from Crosby cause most of the highlights you see from the Pittsburgh Games are him. What player doesn't complain after they get a penalty?