Monday, March 27, 2006

Two Questions

By The Meatriarchy

After the debacle that was the back to back beatings in Montreal the only question I had on my mind on Sunday morning was:

Do we still own our first round pick for this upcoming draft year? After all it looked like we would be finishing with a pick somewhere in the 5-8 range (it still could be that way).

Now after a dramatic win in Jersey last night the question becomes:

Do we play Aubin the rest of the way? People may not remember but he had a pretty good camp and the argument could have been made that he beat Tellqvist out from a pure merit perspective. But Tellqvist was given every chance to prove himself as a starter in this league and he just hasn't done it.

His problem is not so much that he is a bad goalie. He really isn't. It's just that he never has shown the ability to steal a game (something Don Cherry pointed out before the Saturday night game). Sure he can win if the whole team is playing well. But he never did stand on his head like a Belfour or a Joseph. And that's why I say it's time to put the Tellqvist project to bed.

One thing that was refreshing last night watching Aubin play was his size. He looks like he takes up a fair bit of the net. Telly is not a big goalie but neither is Curtis Joseph. Yet Telly seem to look even smaller.

He's the only person I've ever seen who seemed to be able to curl into a fetal position while standing up straight. It just looks weird.

At the very least Aubin deserves to get the next start on Tuesday against the Flyers to see if he is more than just a one game wonder.


  1. Aubin is a decent goalie, I don't see him as a starter. He split that roll in Pittsburgh and did well but I wouldn't bank a Stanley Cup or being able to win a series in the playoffs. He could do it but I'd rather have a more proven goalie in the Pipes.

    But you'll only find out by giving him a shot.

  2. Could the Aubin-Telqvist combo hold things together for a season or two while the young guns work through the system? Or are Pogge and Rask going to need more time than this duo can give them? It'd be nice to think that the Leafs' system can actually provide the players the team needs.

  3. You don't know what you're going to get with Pogge and Rask. They could be outstanding, or they could fall to pieces as they work their way through goaltender coaches that dick with their systems.

    Now factor in that you'll probably have to trade one of them for some young talent in a position other than goal and it's even more of a crapshoot.

    Telqvist crumbled under big-game pressure vs. MTL. Aubin is unproven. The way I see it, the Leafs 'system' has provided you with 4 unproven goalies. Good job.

    Well, maybe the next CBA won't have a salary cap and the Leafs can spend for guys past their prime and pretend they know something about hockey again.

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  5. Well I hate to break up the love fest you Leaf fans have going on but this is the Battle of Ontario site so presumably comments from the other side of the aisle are appropriate. Sorry if it breaks up the delusional atmosphere you were trying to create.

    If you guys want to close your eyes and repeat "There's no place like home" uninterrupted until you wake up in a new season with a new team, perhaps a different forum would be appropriate.

  6. That's awful defensive for someone whose primary point seems to be "I don't have an answer, but I sure hate the Leafs".
    I don't think it's delusional to be interested in two pretty good goalies, especially as the Marlies have now put a number of solid players on the main team (and maybe a coach next year).

  7. As an outsider, so to speak, although I live in T.O. I'm no fan of the Leafs, if I were JFJ's replacement I would go with Aubin and Tellquist next year, absolutely. Here's the deal. This team has way too many holes, way too many. It is highly unlikely that next year will be a success in any way. So, bring in Maurice. Bring in all of the kids that you can, including Aubin and Tellquist. Trade Tucker at the draft. His value will never be higher. Don't worry about McCabe - you don't want to pay him 5 million a year for the next four or five years. Surround the kids with seasoned character pros who can skate - guys like Conroy, Marchant, Peca, Wes Walz - not those guys necessarily but those type of guys who can keep the team reasonably competitive so the youngsters don't get filled night after night. Guys who can teach them what it means to be a pro. And speed - they need to get faster, a lot. Don't spend six million on Zdeno Chara or Wade Redden or Jason Arnott. Its not going to get you anywhere. Make Wellwood your second line centre and play the kids on D and take your lumps and in 2 or 3 years you will be a lot further ahead. Will Tellquist or Aubin still be around - maybe not. But now's the time to find out what they can do.

  8. I agree black dog but Leaf Nation wants the cup next year.Looks like groundhog day again for the "blue men group".

  9. Before you can ask "Telqvist or Aubin" don't you have to ask whether you're using the remaining games to develop the players or to win the playoffs (okay, win a berth in the first round)?

    And wasn't that latter question answered by giving Telqvist 120 minutes of ice time in Montreal, before finally shaking things up a bit with Aubin against NJ?

  10. Paul, I have to say the answer is a) - I am an Oilers' fan (how did I end up here?) but follow the Leafs pretty closely. You can make the argument that this team still has a chance to make the playoffs, sure, but at this point I think objectively speaking, they are done.

    In any case injuries are making the Leafs' choice pretty simple. With Allison done give Wellwood that ice time. With Khavanov gone, give minutes to Ian White. With Belfour finished, take Aubin or Tellquist and run with them. Whichever you prefer. Other decisions - replace Belak, Wilm and Domi with whatever youngsters they can find - despite their protests to the contrary Wilm and Domi are not the answer to what ails this team. If you still believe this team can make the playoffs (I guess miracles do happen) then go with some youth and see if that turns the trick. The vets certainly did not.

  11. Aubin has a bit more experience in the NHL so I'd stick with him. He ain't a bad goalie but not someone I'd pin my hopes on for a cup. I'd agree with Black Dog, that there are bigger issues on the team that the Leafs should deal with first. Get some new talent up front and if you can add a decent goalie for a good price then go for it but I'd worry about scoring first.