Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sens Tame Panthers

Pretty good post title, eh?

Just wanted to say that the Sens had 6 rookies skating last night in the 6-3 win. Call up Bochenski had an assist to go along with his hat-trick.

The Sens now head out west for a tough set of games - Calgary on Friday, Vancouver on Saturday, and Colorado on Monday. Should be a nice test for 'The Greatest Team Ever'.

Chara will be back in the lineup but I'm not sure if Redden will be returning.


  1. This road trip will prove how good the Sens are. If they can come out of it decently then they have a good chance. I just hope the league gets rid of the current Schedule next year. I want to see a lot of the West vs East.

  2. Actually, they only played with 5 rookies. Malec doesn't qualify as a rookie as he played 41 games with Carolina in 2002-03.

  3. I said nothing of it. They have a good chance and yes they are top of the league. But I do think the west poses a big problem for them. THe west has usually had the Easts number, they play a different style of hockey, usually a more "Canadian" rough and tumble style.

    The east is usually more of a finese style.

    Anyway, we're only just beyonf 1/4 of the way through the season, still a lot that could happen. Until the Sens can prove that they can beat the Leafs in the Playoffs then you can say I told you so and we're the best.

  4. What makes you think the Leafs will make the playoffs?