Friday, December 02, 2005

Leafs 4 Atlanta 0

By The Meatriarchy

Terry Sawchuk is spinning in his grave. Not only has a man with one foot in his own grave (at least if you believe local media) about to pass him on the all time wins list but a second Leaf goalie is now challenging his venerable shutout record.

That's right as of last night Mikael Tellqvist needs 102 more shutouts to pass Mr. Sawchuk on the all time shut out list. TSN analyst Glen Healey says it is now time to consider Tellqvist as a legitimate starter in the NHL and I have plenty of crow and hats to eat.

Well, I will wait till at least the end of the season before embarking on an all corvid and tilley diet. However I and many other members of Leaf Nation were heartened by Telly's goose last night if only because it gives us some hope that a game without Belfour (who has himself been haunted by ghosts this year) is an automatic loss. One can only make a Christmas wish that this trend will continue.

This is a crazy world we live in where up and down are transmogrified and where Nik Antropov and Alexei Ponikarovsky have been the best forwards on the ice for the past two games. What's next politicians who couldn't even win their own seat giving Steven Harper election advice?

Or the Ottawa Senators getting beaten by a team that just traded away its captain and franchise player? Who knew that Havlat not Hasek was the real cornerstone of the Sens cup aspirations?

Truly the end times must be near.


  1. Sens are going down the toilet now. Havrat is out, Redden is nursing his goiter, Heatley's Streak ends.

    Whats next, you're going to hire Martin as a assitant coach once he gets fired from Florida which won't be to far off.

  2. down the toilet starting with a domination of LA???

  3. Avery and Tucker....Two black eyed peas in a pod!!!