Tuesday, December 13, 2005


To avoid excessive sentimentality over the fate of Patrick Lalime, I urge my fellow Sens fans to relive the horror of Game 7 archived here. Take a moment to once again savour the crushing roar of the ACC and the ecstatic yelps of joy from Bob Cole in order to remind yourself why we engaged the services of a clutch goaltender this off season.

The numbers say it all:

1999-00 2.33 0.905
2000-01 2.35 0.914
2001-02 2.48 0.903
2002-03 2.16 0.911
2003-04 2.29 0.905
2005-06 3.97 0.866

Lalime is a decent backup, and had a good couple of showings against impotent Flyer offenses, but last season's Game 7 pants-soiling exposed him irreversibly.

Lalime certain doesn't bear all the blame for my development into a jumpy, neurotic Sens fan, but he is major contributing factor to this unfortunate condition.


  1. He is to goalies what Eric Lindros is to captains -- been with too many good teams too many times and never found a way to win.

  2. Except Lindros has won the Hart trophy, been to the Stanley Cup finals, and has won world junior and olympic gold medals.

    Just a slight difference.

  3. Lalime has never been a good goalie, he played on some awesome teams. The penguins knew he didn't have it in him to win anything thats why they sent him to the AHL after the run he had there.

    Lindros ia a awesome Captain and player. His agent/father is a bit of a prick but look at who they had to deal with in Philly, Bob Clarke, the guy is a complete moron!

  4. Hahaha, those Nieuwendyk goals are even better the second time around.

    Maybe I'll watch that clip again to ease the pain when Lurch and Pele hoist the Cup next year.

  5. Lalime, clears waivers and down to the AHL, then gets sent down the the ECHL soon followed by another demotion to JR. B Hockey making him the most expensive piece of crap on the planet!

  6. When Florida finally trades Luongo Lalime will make his way down there to play for Jacques Martin again.