Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Kings 2 Leafs 1

By The Meatriarchy

The LA Kings pulled a bit of a rope-a-dope here last night. They were out shot badly 37-23, took too many penalties and rode the performance of their goalie to a victory.

Sound familiar?

This game reminded me of one of those games that the Leafs would play against the Devils in years gone by (except with the Leafs getting more shots). The Kings hacked and slashed and hooked and held their way through the whole game proving that the "old style" of play is alive and well.

I know that I am a homer but every time I looked a Leaf standing in front of the net was falling to the ice. And I don't think it was because they all have balance problems.

Then there was the bizarre call against Allison late in the game when the Leafs had serious momentum going.

Allison is skating out of his zone slowly (well normal speed for him). He is looking towards the opposite side of the ice for a pass and an LA player skating towards him basically collides with Allison's hip and goes flying over it.

Allison gets called for tripping.

Can some one tell me what Allison is supposed to do? Jump out of the way of any opposing player? Sorry that was the worst call I have seen all season.

I am all for eliminating obstruction but Allison had no intention of holding up an LA player. He was trying to get out of his own zone.

At the very least the ref could have given a diving call just to even it up.



  1. I think the Leafs have bigger problems than a supposed missed call(even up?).Before blaming the refs,I think you should be asking why this team could only score on a five on three.McCabe couldnt care less about playing for Canada and Quinn doesn't think he can make the team anyway.Great chemistry there! Speaking of chemistry, funny how Lindross has not been playing well since Sundin returned.I guess he hates Swedes too!!Good luck making the playoffs with that poor excuse for a team.

  2. How did you like the "too many men" call against the Kings in the third? Maybe the ref disliked the door still being open? Many of the power plays awarded to the Leafs were for questionable (at best!) infractions.... and they still couldn't score.