Thursday, December 15, 2005

Ottawa lost tonight. Know why?

So we'll be right pissed come Saturday night.

You Hogtown, Liberal loving, sushi-eating, my team's owned by the teacher's pension funding, 1967ing, Harold Ballarding, non-Dave Keoning, couldn't even beat Carolina to get to the finaling, now have to live with the caping, $300 a seat paying punks are going to see your sorry excuse for a hockey team sent back down the 401 with their tails between their legs after a monumental ass kicking Saturday night.

You don't even know it.

Learn to love that 8 spot in the Eastern Conference - you're going to be trying to hold it for the rest of the season! Boooooo-yaaaaahhh!


  1. Learn to love that 8 spot in the Eastern Conference - you're going to be trying to hold it for the rest of the season! Boooooo-yaaaaahhh!

    Since it seems pretty obvious that the Sens are going to finish first, the real possibility that the Leafs will finish 8th should be a little frightening for you Sens fans.

    Every year the Sens are a better team than the Leafs . . . and every year the Leafs beat them in the playoffs.

  2. BOOYAA, anonymous sweet call. The Sens can't even admit when they lost. They still got their heads high up in the air! They're saying they lost cause they want to be fired up for the Leafs?? What kind of lame ass excuse is that.

    Don it comes down to you team didn't play as well as Dallas did. They put more pucks in the net while your top offense couldn't muster a goal.

  3. The "you're the better team, but we'll beat you in the playoffs" schtick that the Leaf supporters bandy about around here is starting to feel like a last ditch effort to find something wrong with the Sens. It's getting old, people, find a new dig already! :P

  4. Yoda, I fear you're taking Don's post wayyyy too literally. It was a joke.

    You know, like the Leafs.

  5. I thought jokes were supposed to be funny, not sad.

  6. I was drunk last night by the way - too much beer and popcorn while watching the debate.

  7. Dropping 3 of 4 against decent western teams left a bitter taste in your mouth.? So sad.

    I think by now we all know Ottawa has one of the better teams in the league...

    However, if I were a Sens fan, I would be extremely concerned that my team missed out on an opportunity to prove it's elite NHL team status.

    Shut down line 1 and you can have your way with the Senators!

    Saturday should be good as always... I predict Sens win 4-2. (that's tough to admit)

  8. I'll say 11-3 Ottawa. Same margin of victory as last time, but the double digit total (including a goal by the heroic McGratton - he won't fight - Domi will be too scared) will give it the "whoa" factor when it crawls across the bottom ticker.

    Get well soon, Leafs.

  9. You sens fans hate when we bring up past Leafs/Sens playoff performances (or lac there of in the Sens case), yet it has obviously scarred you...

    You seem to be enjoying your regular season victories even more than ever... I thought you would have learned by now!

    McGratton wins one fight against Domi and he's your saviour?

    I should be careful in what I say. He is only 15 NHL years, 230+ points and 3400+ PIM's away from being Domi status!

  10. To get there, he'll also have to sucker punch Ulf Samuelson and elbow Scott Neidermayer in the face!

  11. OK Anonymous people are you the same guy cause if you are you are a bit contradictory? Step up to the mike and use a name so we know who is posting.

    It's all about the playoffs people, you can win as many games as you like and you will be remembered by your fans but unless you win a cup you won't be remembered by anyone else all that much.

  12. McGratton is a good fighter but Domi won't stand down from him. He landed a good punch that broke Domi's nose. Wow, I could go out there and do that if I caught him right.

  13. We will have to enjoy kicking the Blue team's ass during the regular season this year because the leafs won't be in the playoffs.No wonder JFJ wanted to enlarge the playoff format!!!!!GO SENS GO!!!!!

  14. Use the force YODA !

  15. So which Leaf player's eye is your Ultra-Skilled Team of Destiny going to gouge out this time?