Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Game Day: Domi vs Avery?

By The Meatriarchy

So has it come to this? Tie Domi is now the leagues best "middle weight". That according to Leafs Lunch hosts Bill Watters and Jeff Marek yesterday on Talk 640.

Both hosts maintained that Domi hasn't been the same since getting clobbered by Chris McGratton some time ago and to regain his status he must deliver a smackdown on Sean Avery (the Kings uber pest tonight) at Air Canada Center.

Pardon me if I don't Tivo the event since the prospect of a formerly decent pugilist whose skills are now in decline scrapping with this decade's version of Claude Lemieux doesn't exactly interest me.

That and the fact that I don't have a Tivo.


  1. It'll be an interesting one. Should be a good matchup game wise. I think the Kings will be a decent opponent.

    As for Domi Avery, I don't think Avery has the guts to do it. Wouldn't want to hurt himself infront of his GirlFriend Alisha Cuthbert. Damn that bastard.

  2. I doubt they fight too. Leafs aren't a goon squad like their provincial rivals (sorry, had to stir it up).

  3. Hey stirring it up is what it's all about, we can't all agree or what good would comments be. Some Sens fans just don't like it that way. They can't fathom that people don't like their team. A lot like Leaf Fans that way!