Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Isles 6 Leafs 9

By The Meatriarchy

Hey, 69 dude!!.

Well that was a great tonic to the disaster that was Saturday's game. Anyone who was fooled into thinking the Leafs are a 9th place club based on Saturday's result was dealt a dose of reality last night.

This team at this juncture is not a first place team but they aren't a last place team either. I have always maintained since the beginning of the season that the Leafs will finish anywhere from 4th to 6th and I still believe that.

Wellwood was the first star with four points. Stajan had a great game as did O'Neil but he was felled in the third period after a knee on knee collision. If it is as serious as it looks the injury bug now epidemic with this team as Lindros, Steen, Domi, Andropov, and Kronwall are all down with injuries (although I think Kronwall is rehabbing in the AHL right now).

Eddie finally notched that elusive 448 however I don't think he will look upon this as one of his better performances. He made some good saves but 6 goals is too much to give up IMHO.

Heck, even Sundin looked a lot better than he has of late.

Next up a home and home with the Boston Bruin's then the Christmas break and a chance for all you Leaf haters to watch two up and coming goalie prospects for Toronto. Justin Pogge will play for Canada's juniors while Tuukka Rask is the likely starter for the Finnish junior team. Life after Belfour won't be all that bad.


  1. In the land of the blind...

  2. Holy crap - a major and a field goal!

    Nice kickin' Eddie!

  3. It was only because I was drunk that I took myself somewhat seriously when I said "who do these guys think they are - the sens?" when I looked at the score and saw the Loafs had 9. Fortunately, sobriety followed soon after when I saw that 6 goals had been allowed by another drunken fool.

    Meathead... you really think one 9-goal game makes you a "contendah"?? Um... no. especially when there was only a 3 goal differential. I really can't say much more than that.... I'm completely dumbfounded by your elevation of this team to division greats by one messed up game on a Monday night....