Friday, May 11, 2007


[disclaimer: due to a four hour meeting at the end of the day yesterday, what little I caught of the game was worried glances cast upon a nearby TV monitor during breaks in the tedium]

Things that probably won't happen in Game 2:

- The Sabres failing to bury their first period chances. I'll chalk this up to nerves on the part of the home team. Buffalo always look like they're about to score and Emery served them up some cafeteria style rebounds complete with steaming mashed potatoes and a boat of homemade gravy on the side. Put anyone of those away and that crowd explodes into a Laheyian shit tornado.

- [adjusts specs] Am I reading this correctly? Briere 15:33 TOI, -2, 0 shots? I know Buffalo like to spread the ice time around, but jeez, if I were to pick a guy who's bound to come up big in the follow up game, that's him. Credit the checking line of Fisher, Comrie and Schaefer as appropriate.

- Unbelievable gifts courtesy the Sabres defensive corps, particulary with the man advantage. Again, I suppose you could credit this to team under pressure in an electric series home opener, but returning the favour in their own end were Joe Corvo and Tom Preissing (all you kids out there, you see what happens when you shave in the playoffs?) who had no comparable excuse.

And with that surprising win, Game 1 is in the bag and out the door for the good guys. All you could ask for here is a split, and while the Senators continue to meet and vastly exceed this fan's expectations, the 0-8 record after winning the first game of a series can be vanquished some other day. Having said that, Spezza sounds hungry!:

"Now we have a chance to steal two before we go home," said Spezza. "We just have to get rid of those second-game blues. I know we're going to talk about that all day (today), so maybe we can finally just shake it"

On an admin. note, haloscan has been about as shaky as Roberto Luongo's bowels of late. For anything longer than a sentence or two (i.e. Fuck You Muckler, Don't Fuck With Duff!!11TM), maybe save a copy to a text editor rather than risk having your witty and insightful takes swallowed by the Sarlacc Pit of commenting software.

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