Monday, May 28, 2007

It's the return of Sad Muckler!

Well the score doesn't really reflect how badly the Sens were worked over tonight. Redden and Meszaros were particularly appalling and absolutely no match for the ducks along the boards.

KASH turned the puck over in every corner of the rink (5 giveaways) and Alfie probably had his dopiest game of the playoffs. Good sequence at the end to almost tie it, but they honestly had no business staying in the game as long as they did. Everyone was a just a step behind - we still haven't really seen the Sens skate yet, and if they can turn up the speed and turn down the softness I think they can still sneak out of Anaheim with a split.

So the line on the ducks was mostly correct - a big, bruising team that takes a lot of penalties and has an eminently beatable goalie. This was the first time I've gotten an honest look at them in years, and I must say they look about five inches taller to a man with those black unis.

UPDATE: You can sure hear the neophyte fan coming through loud and clear on the Team post-game show. They lose one game and you want to break Alfie off that top line? The perils of big bandwagonism I guess.

Relax - they'll hit the stationary bikes, have a look at the tape and come out flying in G2. Anyone else find the ducks celebrating a little heavily considering they were down by a goal for 2/3rds of that game?

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